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Prague, Czech Republic. 2019


Collaborative immersive installation curated by PQ's artistic directors Marketa Fantova and Jan K. Rolnik. Led by Roman Tardy, Pavla Beranova, Robert Kaplowitz, Tereza Stehlikova, Shannon Harvey, John Richards, Paul Cegys & Joris Weijdom

These pictures and videos show snippets of my contribution, the lighting design of 1/4 of the piece timeline. The lighting was programmed via time code to be synchronised with video and sound. The concept for our 6 minutes phase were

co-created with video content creator Lukas Drevjany and sound designer

Shlomo Benami.

This large scale project was created within intense collaboration between over 50 creators from different countries and disciplines including lighting design, sound design, video & projection mapping, tactile environments, system integrations, experimental sound augmented and virtual reality.

Photos by

PQ & Tomas Brabec


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