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Antofagasta, Chile. 2020


Sunlight art installation

Collective exhibition  "Ahora o Nunca"

curated by Dagmara Wyskiel and presented by SACO Contemporary Art Festival


45 degrees is a set of sculptures that, when interacting with the position of the sun in relation to Antofagasta, create a dialogue of light and color shadows that invite the viewer to appreciate the movement of the sun, and assimilate the ephemerality of time in its constant flow.

When the sculptures meet the sun at 45 degrees, a volume of color light is generated that momentarily aligns with the structures, filling the negative space in the sculptures, underlining the dialectic between individual-collective, human-universe. The yellow is complete during the am and the blue during the pm

Construction by

Factoria Desierto

Photos by

SACO  team, Daniela Serna and me.


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